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While Jema studied in 8th class, she suffered with Mental Illness. She was forced to leave the school as her behaviour couldn’t bear either by the teachers or by the children in Haridaguda boarding school at that time. In this regard, her parents took all sorts of measures in order to get their daughter well.  Despite spending huge amounts by moving and there, Jema couldn’t recover from her illness.  Rather, deteriorated her health conditions putting more troubles for the family members.  After came to our contact, she was properly counselled and taken immediate steps for further treatment.   Gradually, she recovered slowly but steadily after following the instructions on a regular and timely manner. After getting well, she underwent tailoring training at Ambaguda ITI, centre with the support of Ekta and completed the course successfully. Right now, she has been earning a sum of Rs. 13000/- per month at Tamilnadu.  She was quite happy for the changes in her life and give credits to her parents as well as the staffs of Ekta.

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