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 Welcome to Ekta

Ekta, Koraput is a registered nongovernmental & not for profit organization has been working in the district of Koraput, Odisha, India since 1994

with the most marginalized sections of the society for the socio-economic and political

Core Strategies at Ekta

  1. Mobilization & organization of community people into groups and strengthening them through capacity building, exposure & opportunity.
  2. Being a catalyst, create opportunities at different levels for the community people to identify their issues, prioritize them and fight for their genuine rights & entitlements.
  3. Empowerment of women through formation of groups and involve them in the decision making process.
  4. Promotion of appropriate pro-poor land, water & water management practices leading to preservation and creation of resource based of the community.



Our Mission

Ekta plays a role of a catalyst and adopts community participatory approach for advancing the cause of the vulnerable, creating opportunity and building up their capacity.


Our Vision

Dreaming of a just, equitable and sustainable society where vulnerable can lead a healthy and dignified living without any discrimination by fulfilling their basic necessities, enjoying their rights and discharging their duties.


Our Goal

Ekta aims at making the vulnerable sections of the society conscious of their rights and duties in order to give them access of and control over socio-economic and political processes for a dignified living.

Koraput is considered to be one of the most backward and underdeveloped districts of the state yet it has a rich abundance of natural resources.  Huge amounts have been allocated & spent on programmes for the poorest people but all these have had none or little impact.

Health hazards were one of the biggest issues people had been facing so Ekta began with its first programme of creating health awareness on common ailments like malaria & diarrhoea. Since then, Ekta has been undertaking various community based interventions. It has also been a consistent advocate of the rights of the mentally challenged and has extensive experience of working with persons with disabilities (PWDs).

Ekta has now broadened its activities to the spheres of community based rehabilitation (CBR) of PWDs, HIV-AIDS targeted intervention, women empowerment, sustainable livelihoods, women & child issues, promoting and strengthening of community based organisations, rights based approaches, promotion of local self governance, disaster preparedness & management and networking & advocacy.

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