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“Collective efforts always benefit” this proverb has again proved by the villagers of Mardipodi. Altogether, 48 tribal families live in this village whose main occupation is agriculture. In order to enter into this village, a stream called”Pajiheja” is there which poses very difficult especially during rainy seasons. And, this is a very regular feature for the villagers and for the outsider during this time every year. In the past, two villagers were also died while crossing the stream in heavy rain. The villagers realized at that moment, there was a need of bridge for connecting the village in all seasons. For addressing this issue, on several occasions, the ward member Mr. Bulka Jakaka had raised this issue in different platforms along with the villagers by approaching Govt. functionaries and PRI representatives. But, they failed to get the work done in spite of sincere efforts and mind set.

EktaNF01 got opportunities to work in this village through SOUL project and came to know this issue. Taking this with serious consideration, this was broadly discussed and planned for its success with the support, involvement and cooperation from the community people. In order to move in this direction, the villagers developed micro plan through Village Action Team (VAT) where they had placed this issue as first priority and get it passed in the Palli Sabha and then at Gram Sabha. On a regular basis, the ward member and the members of VAT had been following up this issue as and when opportunities came. Finally, after a long struggle and advocacy by villagers, the result came out, the DRDA sanctioned fund through PWD department for the construction of bridge. Now, the construction work is under progress where both the Mardipodi and adjoining villagers are engaging in labour works. This success has impacted to the other villages, how the collective effort, advocacy work and regular monitor will help to achieve a big goal.

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