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Project Goal :

The project for which the coalition is formed is for “creating an enabling environment for empowerment of the adivasis and dalits and their organisations in view of their well being, dignity and social justice.”

Mission and Vision:

The mission of the Coalition is to assist and equip a network of marginalised Tribals and Dalits, with a particular focus on women, in local decision making processes specially relating to the implementation of Government development programmes. The Coalition’s role will be to:

  1. enhance the capacities of civil society to monitor and influence the implementation of government acts/programmes so that governing institutions are held accountable for gender sensitive, transparent democratic governance programmes / systems for marginalised communities
  2. enhance and strengthen communities, PRIs and civil society organisations awareness of the factors, agencies and forces contributing to social, economic and communal conflicts and promote a peaceful and harmonious society irrespective caste, religion, class and gender.
  3. Concentrate human, financial and resources to serve as catalysts in equipping the dalits and adivasis to be self-sustaining and strong district level networking to solve their issues and march towards total development


  • The adivasis and dalits demand for positive inclusion at panchayat, Block and district development for social and economic empowerment
  • Adivasi and Dalit District level network through collective action address issues which affect the security and safe living of adivasi and dalit population
  • Adivasi and dalit network empower stakeholders to become accountable towards socially excluded communities
  • Adivasis and dalits benefit from the changes that takes place at the familiel, community, Block and district level

The project deals with: The Adivasis and Dalits will demand for postie inclusion at Panchayat to district level for social and economic empowerment. To form a district level network through collective action address various issues with affects the security and safe living of adivasis and dalits population. The network  will empower stakeholders to become accountable towards socially excluded communities. This project is being implemented in Mahadeiput and Kendar Gram Panchayats of Koraput Block.

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