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On dated 30th Dec, 2016, The first Social Audit of AESS project of Nilabadi Panchayat held at Chekapdu (Kutum Ghar). In this process the local Sangathan Sabamali  Adivasi  Mahasangh  facilitate the process of the of social Audit of AES on the day,  for this social audit AES, Ekta, and local Sangathan had invited different  local stake holders and government department –PRI, other local sangathan, AAI BBSR (Regional team) and other LRPs Supported by Action Aid, local NGOs, District officials  for participate and for their valuable feedback due to code of conduct for the local panchayat election at the same time declared by the election commission of the state,  govt. Officials are not able to attend the social audit of the Nilabadi Panchayat and apart from that central team of AESS along with the AESS Project Director Mr. Durga Prasad Mohanty  also present in this Social Audit, Nearly about one hundred ten local people including village and Panchayat sangathan members from different villages actively participated and understand the process of the Social audit, for this process financial Supported by Action Aid, and technical support by AESS, EKta, and Sabamali Adivasi Mahasangha.

In the Beginning of the process Women Team Leader of the Nilabadi Panchayat  Lachiga Benia welcomed to all the villagers and other invites. The local Panchayat Sangathan President Mr. Sadan Pidika preside over the meeting,  Anki Hmirika (president of Mahila Sangathan) was the chief guest in this social audit along with the AES PD Durga Prasad Mohanty,  AES Convenor Malan Pidika,  Co- Convenor Sridhar jani, Ex- convenor Mr. Ranjit pangi,  AES Central Team Member Miss Sarita Das were presented in the dice.

AES Project Director Mr. Durga Prasad Mohanty addressed about the aim and objective the Social Audit of AESS project and made understand people about the uniqueness this social audit,  for the first in the district of Koraput such type of social audit conducted by the local Sangathan for the transparency on work, money spent for the betterment of the local Panchayat.  Govt. conducting social audit for their different project at the block level but for the first time other than government body a district level sangathan (AES) which work for the people along with the local Panchayat Sangathan did its social audit by others institution and where people should get chance to share their views , in his speech he said AESS is working since last 2010 in the Nilabadai panchayat and it is the time to see and shows impacts as duty bearers and  brought change lives of the local people by our efforts and support, after  his speech Sadan Pidika the President of the Panchayat sangathan brought attention to transparency board/ Banner to make understand people on work and money spent for this panchayat one by one since 2010- till 2016 and after that there was open house discussion held where people actively given their views on our work, benefit they got, drawbacks/weakness etc.



Durga Prasad Mohanty (Project Director, AES)-   Man is a social being and likes to live in  community, for the better of the community / society  there is need of Sangathan and strengthen  sangathan, every citizen of the village, CBOs, PRIs, government staff,  has the responsibility  work for the  common people,  spent money and work of the sangatahan, topic on which work done and discussed and people must  ask   on what way money comes and spent for the Panchayat and village,  AES is working since last six years in Nilabadi Panchayat few days after/year will withdraw but local sangathan (Saba Mali Adivasi Mahasangaha) will continue their work in their own way, Sangathan must work on Tribal Identity, Traditional Agriculture and Chemical fertiliser free village and KuI language.

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